[Of course I did!]

Mancini Vincenzo wordpressHe looked for him everywhere.
He examined every proof, every imperceptible mark. Even the most insignificant evidence. Afterall it was his job. He looked for him everywhere. At the end his intuition suggested him the right thing: he would probably be at the pub. Afterall the last dude’s Instagram picture was at 9.05   right around there.

It was raining. And he decided to pop in chewinging his pipe.
Within the pub the smell of crunchy bacon and hamburger, the flavour of beans sausage, eggs and golden fish & chips was spreanding out inside the wooden public house.

Sherlock put the tobacco out and the smartphone too.
The dude he was looking for didn’t answer at any call.
Sherlock ordered a light bitter golden pint and waited for.
He knew he would have found him there soon or later.

First beer. Second beer. Sherlock got drunk with the third beer.
At 10.37 pm he finally arrived. The heavy iron front door opened.
Behind it, here the dude whit his smiling face.

–  “I knew of finding you here Watson! Could you answer the call at last, what a fuck! Did you bring at least the bets programm for a fucking gamble? Let’s change this fucking boring life!” Sherlock said.
–  “Of course I did, Sherlock!” Watson shouted out.


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